The first thing you need to do in painting the kitchen door is apply a coat of clinging paint or primer; this way, the paint you are going to apply will not be damaged and will have better adhesion on the raw wood.

After passing the first coat of base varnish, wait for it to dry perfectly; for best results, it is best to wait at least a day.

Once the base is perfectly dry, you can apply the first coat of paint using a roller or brush. To ensure that the color is homogeneous in all parts, start with the difficult points, such as the edges that are not easily reachable. In this case, use a small brush. When all the edges are perfectly varnished, you can spread the varnish on the rest as well.

After you have given the first coat of paint to the doors, you can also proceed to paint the other elements, such as the drawers. Also, in this case, take care to disassemble them to work more easily.

Kitchen paints

As for the type of color, you will need to paint the kitchen with covering kitchen paint and a protective one.

The first will serve to give you a new color while the second will act as a sealant so that the new paint does not deteriorate too soon.

You can find these two separate products on the market, but some paints are covering and protective at the same time.

Don’t forget to choose a washable kitchen paint, so that daily cleaning operations will run smoothly.

Great paint for kitchen tiles must have a chemical component that increases their sealant value and lasts longer.

Suppose you want to restore brightness to the tiles. In that case, the best solution is represented by the enamel, which, in addition to having a high covering value, is available in different shades (in addition to the transparent one that you can use to restore vigor).

If, on the other hand, your tiles are very damaged, you can use the resin to give you a new style to the kitchen. With a greater thickness than enamel, you can hide the joints and create a smooth and continuous, very modern surface with the resin. To spread the resin, you can help yourself with the brush or roller.

If you prefer to play it safe, opt for a solvent-based acrylic paint because it is easy to apply and has characteristics that are perfect for an environment such as the kitchen: it is stain-resistant and washable.

As for the doors, on the other hand, you have to choose a suitable paint for kitchen furniture. Water-based paint is the cheapest, you can find it in any DIY store, it’s easy to use and dries quickly. However, this paint is not very resistant and is not always suitable for kitchen furniture subjected to intensive use.

The two-component polyurethane paint is less covering than the enamel. Still, it is easy to apply, and, unlike the water-based one, it resists stress better and is more resistant to scratches (with this paint, you can also obtain a lacquered effect if you use a roller).

For the kitchen furniture, you can also use the kit paint consisting of a colored base and two components that you will put on top. This paint is very resistant and allows us to obtain a satisfactory lacquered result.

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