To degrease the tiles used with products suitable for the purpose, the degreasers used for household chores are perfect for removing grease and grease from the tiles placed above the fires.

After passing the degreaser (to be sprayed directly on the surface), rinse well and move on to the second phase only when the tiles are completely dry.

Don’t forget to secure the furniture with nylon sheets and protect the fixtures with adhesive tape.

Painting the tiles

Before you lay your hand, primer paint (primer) is arranged in any holes and cracks that may have been created over time. Use the putty and the spatula, taking care to take a little product at a time to avoid accumulations. When the grout has dried, use sandpaper to smooth the surface and sandpaper on the tiles (this way, the primer will stick better).

When the primer has dried, you can start painting the tiles in the kitchen. Use a brush with quality bristles or a roller dipping it in a little paint to avoid dripping.

For a work of art, wait for the first coat to dry before applying another one.

If you want to change shades from very dark to light, apply a white coat before the final color.

Do not forget to protect the joints by using special adhesive tapes (available in specialized stores) that you will put first horizontally then vertically on the tiles.

Paint the kitchen cabinets

Do you want to paint the kitchen furniture in addition to the coating? Also, in this case, there are no problems because there are perfect paints for this purpose.

Preparation of the base

If you want to do a perfect job, the advice is to remove kitchen furniture and wall units’ doors.

Once you have disassembled the doors, place them on a work surface, and start with the sanding work. This is very important because it will make the surface porous and ready to accept the new coat of paint.

You can remove the old paint using sandpaper or a sander. There are also chemical paint removers on the market that are not recommended if you work in a closed environment due to the harmful substances released into the air. In addition to chemical paint removers, you can use hot ones; if you don’t have a hot gun capable of doing this job, buy the latest generation that does not burn the surface and do not damage the structure.…