About Denver Shared Space

Denver Shared Spaces (DSS) is on the leading edge of the national trend toward intentional, shared workspace. As an innovative collaborative dedicated to providing technical assistance and targeted support to the Denver shared space community, DSS is not just connecting organizations with shared space resources, but also influencing policy within city government.

KivaZip Success Story: Coming to a Store Near You

Sara is a believer in and supporter of the power of natural food. She worked on agricultural and international trade policy in the U.S. Senate as well as spent time in Zimbabwe, working with farmers after the collapse of commercial farming. She founded Bumbleroot to tell the story of the...

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#Collaboration is Quite the Buzz

#Collaboration is quite the buzz word these days.  But have you ever found yourself asking why we even bother with collaboration?  It’s extra work, extra meetings, extra time that none of us seem to have.  Or have you considered whether we know if our working together with others is...

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